Never Stop Changing

The mission is great as always!  I love it here in Mexico… the people, the food, everything!

There are miracles that happen everyday here.  This past Wednesday we went with a  “not as progressing” investigator named Javier Chavria.  We showed up with Hermano Perez, but anyways, we got there and he started talking to us.  He didn’t want to continue with the messge at all, he told us he was born Catholic and that was the way he was going to stay and that we should just leave.  Well …  my companion didn’t want to, he told Javier, please just give us 15 mins of your time so we can talk with you and your family.  Grudgingly he let us in, saying, “That there’s no point because he’s never going to change his mind.” Anyway, he let us in; and, Elder Conklin began to teach the restoration, starting with the ministry of Christ.  We then switched off, and in my broken Spanish, explained about the great apostasy and the restoration of the gospel.  One more moment passed and I know I was not speaking … the explanation was not my own (it was the Spirit teaching).  I then testified of what I had said.  Then hermano Perez who was also a converted Christian bore his testimony.  One of the most, if not, the best lessons I have ever had.  We didn’t set a return date with him, he set one with us. In spanish he told us to come back Friday at 5:00pm.  Miracles happen.

One thing I learned that is really cool and semi-annoying about the mission and life itself is that your habits, way of teaching, way of thinking, EVERYTHING changes, or at least should.  Almost every week I learn something new, a way to improve myself, something I’m not doing right.  WELL, I was talking about this with my companion, and we both find it a good thing, we’re both trying to improve as missionaries and as sons of God.  One thing that he told me is that we can serve our mission for 24 months, or we can serve the same mission 24 times.  In essence, saying we can serve one month and gain that experience then use it for the next 24 months and never change, or we can serve 24 months continually changing.  Every month finding new things and gaining more knowledge, what works and what doesn’t.  God can’t mold us if we refuse to change.  He can’t help us become the people we were meant to be without change.  Just something to think about.

Con amor,

Elder Arnold


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