Work, it seems just like such a simple thing, and it really is. But as a missionary, and in life itself, it means the world. There’s just a certain feeling of happiness and sense of completion when we know we’ve worked hard and succeded.

As missionary how diligent we are in the work determines a couple of things. How much we love God. “If you love me keep my commndments”. We are commnded to come here and serve the lord with all our might, heart, mind, and strength. When we do these things we re blessed. We also show to our God that we love him and care for His work.

I personally have seen this happen. My companion and I work hard, we do our best to invite people to come unto Christ and quite literally, be happy. There is however always room for improvement. We are not the best contactors. One, my companion is sometimes a bit shy, and while I don’t think I am, I don’t exctly speak the best spanish. This Friday and Saturday however we just decided to go a little bit crazy in the area of contacting. If we at all felt as though we maybe should contact somebody. We did it.

How amazing it was too. I have never been so excited to work while I’ve been here. Yeah I’ve had some success as a missionary through the Lord, but honestly I haven’t been the most successful missionary, if that even makes sense to you people haha.

To me a successful missionary is somebody who knows they are trying their hardest, doing their best to share and invite in all circumstances. While I’m not perfect at it, I am trying my hardest to do so. That makes me feel successful. Whether we’re in a bus, in a taxi, anywhere!

One thing it says in preach my gospel, I don’t remember it 100 percent, but it goes like “The secret to missionry work is work.”

I know and testify that it’s true. The most joy we can have is when we are serving our fellow men, and in turn, serving God. This is the Lord’s work, I wouldn’t be this happy and excited working quite honestly 24/7 if it weren’t. And though at time it’s difficult, the result is worth it.

Con Amor,

Elder Arnold

Francisco's Baptism

Francisco’s Baptism

Mm Mm Good

Mm Mm Good

Happy Birthday Elder Arnold!

Happy Birthday Elder Arnold!


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