The Mexico Chihuahua Mission is a Rewarding Place to Serve

I can truly say I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here. There are trying times, times where you wish you were speaking english, moments where you are completly physically exhausted, and I could go on. It’s so worth it, the amount of things I have learned, people I’ve seen change their lives, EVERYTHING! I love this lifestyle, completly focusing my life on the Savior and trying to be more like Him, the life I wish I could continually live, and hopefully always will.

Things that are new:

I am now in the Mission choir, pretty cool stuff.

I am learning how to cook pretty well, I make some of the best breakfast burritos ever. Sorry for the pridefulness.

I figured out pig skin and cow stomach are not foods I like too well. Although cow intestine tastes really good.

We also had three baptisms! Isabel, Eduardo, and Elizbet. All amazing people!

The most amazing story was Isabel. So this lady has been investigating the church for the past 20 years. She’s had problems with smoking, she has family problems, she’s had many baptismal dates, she’s even touched the waters of baptism, and in general she is just an exceptionally difficult lady. But anyways we dropped by her house a little while ago, and she had been free of smoking for about 2 weeks. Anyways we dropped and through the window we could see she was smoking. She let us in, went into another room, and started crying. To be honest, we had no clue what to do. We kind of just looked at each other for a bit. Eventually we started talking about what was going on. She told us that this day had been a really hectic day, her ex-son-in-law came over and apparently her husband and him got into in argument and eventully her spouse pulled a knife out on him and told him to leave. Afterwrds her daughter, who lives in her house left and they didn’t know where she went. So with all this happening she was very sad and with that she started to smoke. Right when that happened we showed up! She said she had never felt so guilty. We then explained to her that she shouldn’t feel guilty with us, we were just there to help. In fact I’ve never felt so wanting to help somebody in my life I think. Anyways we then explained the atonement of Jesus Christ and asked if she would accept a baptismal date. She said yes and was baptized this past Friday.

This work is beautiful. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything. I know this church is truly the Lord’s church. I know He loves each and every single one of us.

Con Amor,

Elder Arnold



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