Happy New Year!!!

The mission is such a rewarding and fun experience.  I get to learn more fully how to study, work hard, budget, cook, communicate with others, and communicte with others in spanish.  It’s a very worthwhile use of 2 years.

What I truly love most is what I have learned.  I have learned so much about God and Jesus Christ, more than I would have otherwise thought I could have.  How I’m able to see Christ’s love for a person through my own person.  How I am able to invite others to change their lives to become more of what our Father in Heaven wants them to be.  How through me God can work miracles and can bless the lives of his children.

There’s an older lady, named Isabell, who we’ve been teaching, and that has been investigating for close to 20 years.  Well, my companion and I went to their house the other day and wanted to know how everything has been going.  We ended up talking about baptism and what she thought about it.  She didn’t want to give up some of her habits, and that was what was keeping her from it.  I then asked her what she wanted more … Eternal happiness or her habits keeping her from bapism.  She then responded eternal happiness.  Due to her change of heart, and all the work others have put into teaching her she’s now going to be baptized this Wednesday, and her husband is wanting to one day do the same.

I know that his church is true, I know i with all my heart, mind, might, and strengh.  It has changed my life for the better, and I have been able to see it make a change in theirs.  I love this work with all my heart.


Elder Arnold

Elder Wesley Arnold serving in Juarez Villa, Chihuahua, Mexico

Elder Wesley Arnold serving in Juarez Villa, Chihuahua, Mexico


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