Christmas in Chihuahua, Mexico

So this week I finally had my first normal study day!!!  It wasn’t even with my normal companion … kind of frustrating, but at least it happened. YAY!!

We had two more baptisms though this week!  Kevin Picharlo and Javier Chivarier, pretty exciting especially since the latter of the two didn’t want to be baptized and wasn’t seeming interested at all, and then somebody in our zone said a few things to him and he said he wanted to now!  He had been investigating for several months at this time too.  All in the Lord’s time I guess.

I also got to be senior companion in my area for about 5-6 hours, because my companion and another trainer in our house had to go to the offices for some immigration things.  It was very entertaining I must say.

We also had a Christmas party this past Saturday.  There was so much food, it was insane!  There were about 8 people per table, and each table had 2 turkeys, mashed potatoes, salad, noodles, and soda.  It was insane!  It was funny because soda isn’t allowed here at all, and they just decided to let us drink it.  A lot of elders kinda flipped out because they hadn’t had it in so long.

Work is getting more and more entertaining.  I love it here.  I love the people, and I love the mission in general.

​My ward had a Christmas party … and I was Jesus!!!  I got to say “Paz calmense”, which is peace be still.  But it was a little kid play, so I was huge, it was very entertaining.

Also my comp was Santa Clause!!  Such a great combination.  Although he looks a lot more like Santa than I look like Jesus.

Con amor,

Elder Arnold


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