Week 7 from Chihuahua, Mexico

This week was just a really cool week, and also difficult. It was really cool in that I was able to baptize somebody, physicaly, not just have a baptism. There’s also probrably going to be 4 more baptisms this month, which is amazing, because this area has only had 2 baptisms in the past 2 months. Not a terrible thing to start off with. The only thing that bothers me is that yes, they are being baptized, and I’ll be there for it, but they’re not from my work and diligence. I’m exceptionally grateful to be in an are that’s prospering, but I really want to see the fruits of my own labors. I know that’s all based on how hard I work and am obedient, but I can’t wait for that time.

Before I left the CCM I was really praying and fasting and praying for a good and obedient trainer. God heard my prayers. His name is Elder Conklin and he’s a very obedient missionary, which is amazing cause that’s the biggest thing I wanted to be on my mission! Great three months to learn. We also get along exceptionally well, we work hard and joke around quite a bit, great combintion.

What realy stinks is I haven’t had a full study time. Most days I haven’t had any study time. There’s always something that pops up, usually it’s a meeting. Also because of this we loose a lot of time in the day, that mixed with Christmas makes it kinda difficult to get a hold of people.

I also showered using a bucket this morning, That was exciting.

​Also the mailing adress if you want to send me stuff is this. The address is in the U.S. and then he brings it over to Chihuahua every once in a while. It’s safe and it’s cheaper.

Julio Velazquez/ (Nombre del Misionero)
P.O. Box 1486
Presido, TX
USA, 79845

Love always,

Elder Arnold

This is me with my first trainer companion, Elder Conklin

This is me with my first trainer companion, Elder Conklin

My first baptism.  :)

My first baptism. 🙂




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