End of week 4 at the Mexico City CCM

Haha sounds like typical Christmas decorating.  You know if I were there I´d prolly be the same way too.  (His response to Tim not helping with Christmas decorating and Kathy and I doing most of it 🙂

The game sounds fun though, wish I were able to play it dangit.  (Kathy wrote about a Turkey Shoot Scripture Mastery game she played as an activity with her Seminary class)

I´m glad Tim finally got asked to hang out though!!!  (Tim was invited to go see Interstellar with some of his new friends from Church/Scouts).  I know he still doesn´t really hang out with people yet, but does he at least talk to his quorum any more than he used to?   And what movie did he see?

I´m really quite depressed I won´t be able to see the new Hobbit or the new Hunger Games.  We talk about Lord of the Rings quite a bit in our classroom.  We decided who was what character in our zone, I guess I´m Gandalf, haha.  Quite depressed though, I will be having a Lord of the Rings marathon when I get back though!

Anyways, life at the CCM: Today we went to the temple and that was great.  I bought some cool Mexican stuff that I´ll take a picture of and send it later.  But we took a lot of pictures and went through the visitors center.  Which is just like all the other ones, so basically we just took pictures and bought stuff.  Not much else happened though.

We did our first TRC lesson.  TRC is with people from the outside world, not just with volunteer teachers people.  It was quite entertaining though, we taught 4 little girls of ages 8, 7, and two of 10.  Really cute little girls though.  Basically we just talked with them for 20 mins and then taught a lesson on prayer for the last 10.  I don´t think we´ll be able to do this again until the last Saturday before we leave which is a bummer to say the least.

I also gave a talk this Sunday on the Attributes of Christ, and everybody says I´m fluent in Spanish.  Especially since I didn´t have a written down testimony and it went on for about a min.   It was quite the cool experience.

I also met some volleyball guys and we might get the chance to play some doubles, I would absolutely love that .

Idk what else to talk about, everything is just same old same old still.

Love you all so very much, I´ll be getting on later to send pics and whatnot if you want to write me back.

Love always,

Elder Arnold


Photo of our Zone at the Mexico City Temple


Photo of My District at the Mexico City Temple


The Beautiful Mexico City Temple



So these are some of my friends at the CCM. Idk who´s on the left, then it´s Elder Jensen, then me, then Elder Shelton (who I really like and is going to BYU-Idaho too) and then it´s Elder Forest.


​This is me in front of Christ´s statue at the Mexico City Temple Visitor Center with Elder Forebush, who I also really love and is also going to BYU-Idaho, and Elder Bangeter



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