End of Week 3, Mexico City CCM

Dangit, I´ll miss Thanksgiving!  That´s no fun.  I want to see Adam and Hyrum.  Matt and Becky sent me their family photos, they looked really cute.

The temperature never really changes, it´s a constant perfect all the time.

Hey so CCM is just becoming the same old same old now of days.  I just want to leave, but I´ve only been here for half the time so I know that´s not happening yet.  I just want to be immersed in the language and start teaching real investigators now, and i very much dislike saying goodbye to people that I´ll probably never see again.  No fun.  For instance, the oldest district in our zone left this last Monday, and it was quite sad.  I didn´t really want them to leave.

Other than that I got a new companion that I already told you about, Elder Bangeter, he´s a really cool and friendly guy.  I get along with him very well, and as I said before he actually likes to play sports, so woop.

But my relationship with my other companion is getting better so that´s just as cool.  He´s getting better, I think mainly cause Bangeter arrived, but whatever.

I also got a haircut today, I´ll send you a picture later but it doesn´t look too bad, some of the other elders in my district hated theirs so that was kinda funny.

Yeah it feels slow but whatever, it´s fun. All I do is study, play sports, and talk to people. What part of that wouldn´t I love??

I´m getting my vaccine my last week so no worries. That´s what they wanted me to do.

Elder Olenslager and Elder Simon are both going to my mission, it´ll be a lot of fun so I´m excited for that.

But, I´ll prolly get on later to send more pictures, and let me know if you have any questions, I really don´t know what to talk about anymore, it´s all the same now.

Oh, and Elder Faasao emailed me haha.  I love that guy.  He makes me laugh

Love always,

Elder Arnold

DSCN0034[1] DSCN0056[1]


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