MTC/CCM: Week One Letter

Hey so my P-day is on Wednesday, not Monday, so sorry I haven’t been able to email you back. Thanks for the love and support.  I love you both and I´m still too lazy to write two separate letters so this will have to do. The CCM (MTC) is amazing!  The people here are so warm and loving.  The food is ehh, but it´s not that bad. Pizza day is Tuesday, and it´s amazing.  We have devotionals every Sunday and Tuesday.  They´re really good, but it´s sometimes difficult to not fall asleep.  My companion, Elder Simon struggles during them.  I love the constant business though, always having something to do is amazing.  I love gym time, they have a beach volleyball court, and an indoor cage soccer area.  Basically a dream come true for me.  We challenged the Latinos in my house to soccer so that´ll be happening at 11:30.  I love the Latinos, most of them speak some english so we just speak spanglish to each other.  They´re so funny, and one of them I swear looks like WIlliam!  But they´re leaving Monday morning so I, as well as my district, am very bummed. They´re the best.  They all call me “Hey Arnold”, it´s funny.  I would send pictures of my district and the Latinos, but I´m not sure how to do that and everyone else in my district is clueless too, so not happening.

I know you guys want to hear about the spanish and missionary part too, so I´ll share some of that too.  I have learned so much spanish since I´ve been here, not just how to talk, but I´ve worked on my comprehensive skills so much while I´ve been here. It´s a little bit scary though, the third day we were here, Friday, we were expected to teach an investigator solely in Spanish.  My companion and I had to write down the entire lesson in spanish to teach, because our grammar and vocabulary were pretty bad. So anyways, we taught a woman named Lucy, she´s 28, has a kid, and doesn´t really have a family.  So we went in there and tried to teach her, every question we asked about her personal life was “bien”, or we couldn´t understand her at all.  It was difficult, but we managed to get in a 20 min lesson, at the end she had a question about Joseph Smith, so for our second visit we decided to talk about the apostasy, and why we needed Joseph Smith.  The second visit wasn´t much more different, we talked and she said, “bien.”  She asked about the Priesthood, and I was able to explain it without a sheet of paper, while relying on the spirit and the gift of tongues, this was a really cool experience for me.  On the third visit we decided to talk about families, and that she´d be able to live with her child and her parents again. Let it be known we intended to teach by the spirit and through the gift of tongues, instead of relying upon a sheet of paper.  This was the best lesson ever.  She finally opened up to us and we talked and talked about normal life for about 20 mins. Then we asked if she had any problems she had in her life, and we finally got an answer. She´s a lawyer and she doesn´t have much time and she´s afraid about what she´s gonna do.  So my companion and I basically explained through our own experiences that the Lord loves us and to feel his peace all we need do is pray unto Him and read His words. We talked about more things, but it´s hard to relay everything in email. Anyways we ended up teaching her for 50 mins! I wasn´t saying ummm the whole time or looking up words either, I was speaking what felt like fluid spanish!  I´ve never been able to do that before in my life.  Every visit but the first visit we have invited her to be baptized, each time she says she needs more time. We´re teaching again tonight and hopefully we´ll have another great experience, and hopefully she´ll agree to follow the example of Christ and be baptized.

Also, since I´ve been out here I´ve been able to heal someone through the Priesthood.  I didn´t even know the guy was sick!  We were just going over ordinances of the Priesthood and I volunteered to demonstrate the sealing of the oil. He said he had a cold, but I thought it was just an example blessing, so I blessed him. Later on he told me he was feeling well again.  That was a great experience for me.

Anyways my time for email is basically up, love you both. If you have any questions just email them to me, and also sorry, I´m not sure how much sense this email makes, I don´t have time and am not patient enough to reread it.  Anyways these are the highlights of my stay here in the CCM.

Love you all,

Elder Arnold


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