1st email home :)

Hey! I´m alive! I made it to Mexico ok. The airplane ride was interesting, I sat next to a nonmember old guy and we shared our beliefs. Even though we disagreed on many subjects we still weren´t offended and had a good talk. As for the MTC it´s been a lot of fun and it´s extremely confusing. I even ended up sitting on a suitcase in a car for 40 mins. Not fun by the way. Other than that I´m just getting used to everything that´s going on. Can´t say I miss you yet, it hasn´t quite been long enough, but from what I can see the Spanish MTC is AMAZING! Everyone seems to be having so much fun. I can´t wait to actually start learning and doing stuff. All I´ve done so far is eat, fill out surveys, watch boring long safety videos, and go over medical things. Anyways this email may not make too much sense, we´re only supposed to have 5 mins so I have to go. Love you all, be safe, and enjoy life.


Elder Arnold


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