End of week 4 at the Mexico City CCM

Haha sounds like typical Christmas decorating.  You know if I were there I´d prolly be the same way too.  (His response to Tim not helping with Christmas decorating and Kathy and I doing most of it 🙂

The game sounds fun though, wish I were able to play it dangit.  (Kathy wrote about a Turkey Shoot Scripture Mastery game she played as an activity with her Seminary class)

I´m glad Tim finally got asked to hang out though!!!  (Tim was invited to go see Interstellar with some of his new friends from Church/Scouts).  I know he still doesn´t really hang out with people yet, but does he at least talk to his quorum any more than he used to?   And what movie did he see?

I´m really quite depressed I won´t be able to see the new Hobbit or the new Hunger Games.  We talk about Lord of the Rings quite a bit in our classroom.  We decided who was what character in our zone, I guess I´m Gandalf, haha.  Quite depressed though, I will be having a Lord of the Rings marathon when I get back though!

Anyways, life at the CCM: Today we went to the temple and that was great.  I bought some cool Mexican stuff that I´ll take a picture of and send it later.  But we took a lot of pictures and went through the visitors center.  Which is just like all the other ones, so basically we just took pictures and bought stuff.  Not much else happened though.

We did our first TRC lesson.  TRC is with people from the outside world, not just with volunteer teachers people.  It was quite entertaining though, we taught 4 little girls of ages 8, 7, and two of 10.  Really cute little girls though.  Basically we just talked with them for 20 mins and then taught a lesson on prayer for the last 10.  I don´t think we´ll be able to do this again until the last Saturday before we leave which is a bummer to say the least.

I also gave a talk this Sunday on the Attributes of Christ, and everybody says I´m fluent in Spanish.  Especially since I didn´t have a written down testimony and it went on for about a min.   It was quite the cool experience.

I also met some volleyball guys and we might get the chance to play some doubles, I would absolutely love that .

Idk what else to talk about, everything is just same old same old still.

Love you all so very much, I´ll be getting on later to send pics and whatnot if you want to write me back.

Love always,

Elder Arnold


Photo of our Zone at the Mexico City Temple


Photo of My District at the Mexico City Temple


The Beautiful Mexico City Temple



So these are some of my friends at the CCM. Idk who´s on the left, then it´s Elder Jensen, then me, then Elder Shelton (who I really like and is going to BYU-Idaho too) and then it´s Elder Forest.


​This is me in front of Christ´s statue at the Mexico City Temple Visitor Center with Elder Forebush, who I also really love and is also going to BYU-Idaho, and Elder Bangeter



End of Week 3, Mexico City CCM

Dangit, I´ll miss Thanksgiving!  That´s no fun.  I want to see Adam and Hyrum.  Matt and Becky sent me their family photos, they looked really cute.

The temperature never really changes, it´s a constant perfect all the time.

Hey so CCM is just becoming the same old same old now of days.  I just want to leave, but I´ve only been here for half the time so I know that´s not happening yet.  I just want to be immersed in the language and start teaching real investigators now, and i very much dislike saying goodbye to people that I´ll probably never see again.  No fun.  For instance, the oldest district in our zone left this last Monday, and it was quite sad.  I didn´t really want them to leave.

Other than that I got a new companion that I already told you about, Elder Bangeter, he´s a really cool and friendly guy.  I get along with him very well, and as I said before he actually likes to play sports, so woop.

But my relationship with my other companion is getting better so that´s just as cool.  He´s getting better, I think mainly cause Bangeter arrived, but whatever.

I also got a haircut today, I´ll send you a picture later but it doesn´t look too bad, some of the other elders in my district hated theirs so that was kinda funny.

Yeah it feels slow but whatever, it´s fun. All I do is study, play sports, and talk to people. What part of that wouldn´t I love??

I´m getting my vaccine my last week so no worries. That´s what they wanted me to do.

Elder Olenslager and Elder Simon are both going to my mission, it´ll be a lot of fun so I´m excited for that.

But, I´ll prolly get on later to send more pictures, and let me know if you have any questions, I really don´t know what to talk about anymore, it´s all the same now.

Oh, and Elder Faasao emailed me haha.  I love that guy.  He makes me laugh

Love always,

Elder Arnold

DSCN0034[1] DSCN0056[1]

2nd week Mexico City MTC

Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and support. I love you both so very much. I want you to know I didn´t forget you guys, we just had our P-day switched for this last week. Kinda strange I know, but we had to go to immigration today for VISA stuff, so for this week, and hopefully this week only they switched our P-day. Lo siento, but I didn´t want to break the rules just so I could let you guys know, I figured you´d both understand.

But the experience there today was soo cool, we had to take a bus ride over there at 6:30, which wasn´t exactly fun, and the ride was long, but anyways once we got there we had to do the VISA stuff and wait in line, which also wasn´t exactly fun. The cool thing was afterwards we were exceptionally hungry because the only food we were given was a ham sandwich, an apple, a weird bran apple bar, and some apple juice. Which all, except for the apple tasted pretty dang bad. But anyways after the VISA stuff we were allowed to go to some street vendos for some tacos and other stuff. The guy selling tacos was selling cow brain, cow heart, and cow intestine. All of which didn´t exactly sound appetizing, but I got two, and they were either cow intestine or head, I´m not exactly sure witch, but they tasted amazing!! On top of that I got a bottle of coke which I have been craving for quite sometime. All this cost was 39 pesos, but the best part was we bought 3 churros from another street vendor for only 10 pesos!! Approximately  80 cents for 3 churros. Best deal ever. So today has been pretty great.

I also got a new companion, so I´m now in a trio, but to be honest I don´t care too much. He´s a really cool guy, and he plays lacross and likes sports! Which is even better cause most of the day last P-day my district slept, so I had to sit there with them, which was awful. Now I´ll have somebody to play sports all day with. He just got here yesterday, so we’ll see how it all works out.

We commited  our first investigator to baptism, which doesn´t really count cause she´s a member, but we were the first so we win haha. Jk. But we still have to teach her , and she has problems with the law of chastity, so we´ve been teaching her that, which was not as difficult as I would have thought. Then again we got a lot of help that wasn´t our own. I found myself thinking of scriptures and thoughts that would help her out in her situation. Just in case you were wondering our “investigator” is pregnant and is living with the father of the baby, and the father of the baby currently has a wife and kids. Her main concern was that she didn´t know how to take care of the baby, and that the father was going to help, so it was interesting coming up with everything on the spot. However even with it being interesting we were able to share scriptures on faith, such as the James’ one on faith and works, we did this because we knew that the Lord wanted to help her, but she needed to have faith in him and work on obeying the law of chastity. We then promised her that she would receive blessing from living the law and that the lord would provide a way, just as in Nephi 3:7. We recently followed up with her, and she is going to talk with the father and make it work so that she can live the law of chastity, so in all it´s going quite well with her. However, we´re running out of things to teach her though, so it´s been getting difficult to come up with lesson plans. On top of all that she´s our new night teacher!!!!! We felt betrayed, I still call her Lucy, mainly cause I can´t remember her last name, but that isn´t the point. She´s a nice lady.

But our morning teacher is also an investigator of ours. He´s actually difficult to teach though, cause he asks a lot of questions, “Por ejemplo” questions concerning the priesthood. why the Koran isn´t considered a book of scripture, and why we don´t consider Muhammad a prophet. It´s fun though, I like challenges, and we did exceptionally well except for the fact that we finally finished talking about the great apostasy and were about to talk about Joseph Smith when he tole us that we only had 5 mins left, so we brought up Joseph Smith, gave him a BOM, committed him to prayer, and left him with many questions concerning Joseph Smith. Not because we couldn´t answer, but because we didn´t have any more time to teach. He talked very quickly and fluently though compared to our last investigator. It´s insane cause I can understand him! Very well in fact! Not only understand what he was saying, but I was once again able to teach by the spirit.

I have also begun to experience why companionships are hard. I love Elder Simon and he´s a great guy, but we don´t always agree on lesson plans, he raps and I really don´t appreciate it, he can be lazy and isn´t always on time with stuff, such as waking up. But hopefully I´ll be able to become more patient.

And the food here is pretty dang good, we get pizza on Tuesday nights which is amazing!!! And occasionally we get other really good foods, but it´s never amazing. That´s also expected though.

Oh and I don´t really email anyone else but you guys cause other than you two the only people who have emailed me are Becky and Brie… So don´t worry about it. Nobody loves me!!! Jk I know that´s not true.

Oh and forgot to mention the doughnuts. They were great, I only had four and I gave the rest away to my zone. My zone loves me. Quiet non and  caring most the time me lol. I´m going to miss the oldest district when they leave this Sunday.But hey I might be zone leader next time I email you guys cause we´ll be the next oldest zone!

Tell Tim he can email me too if he wants.

Anyways my companions aren´t quite ready to go, so I guess i´ll keep emailing you guys until they´re ready. I don´t know if you remember the latinos that I told you guys about, but they left, and I´m exceptionally sad cause they were amazing and exceptionally funny. It´s depressing seeing people you´ve come to like come and go so quickly.

I also sang in a solo this last Sunday, and appearenlty everybody likes my voice and they didn´t see it coming. Quite humerous. Some of the hermanas sat with their mouths opened and it was hilarious, but anyways yeah they’re ready to go now so bye!

Love you all,

Elder Arnold

MTC/CCM: Week One Letter

Hey so my P-day is on Wednesday, not Monday, so sorry I haven’t been able to email you back. Thanks for the love and support.  I love you both and I´m still too lazy to write two separate letters so this will have to do. The CCM (MTC) is amazing!  The people here are so warm and loving.  The food is ehh, but it´s not that bad. Pizza day is Tuesday, and it´s amazing.  We have devotionals every Sunday and Tuesday.  They´re really good, but it´s sometimes difficult to not fall asleep.  My companion, Elder Simon struggles during them.  I love the constant business though, always having something to do is amazing.  I love gym time, they have a beach volleyball court, and an indoor cage soccer area.  Basically a dream come true for me.  We challenged the Latinos in my house to soccer so that´ll be happening at 11:30.  I love the Latinos, most of them speak some english so we just speak spanglish to each other.  They´re so funny, and one of them I swear looks like WIlliam!  But they´re leaving Monday morning so I, as well as my district, am very bummed. They´re the best.  They all call me “Hey Arnold”, it´s funny.  I would send pictures of my district and the Latinos, but I´m not sure how to do that and everyone else in my district is clueless too, so not happening.

I know you guys want to hear about the spanish and missionary part too, so I´ll share some of that too.  I have learned so much spanish since I´ve been here, not just how to talk, but I´ve worked on my comprehensive skills so much while I´ve been here. It´s a little bit scary though, the third day we were here, Friday, we were expected to teach an investigator solely in Spanish.  My companion and I had to write down the entire lesson in spanish to teach, because our grammar and vocabulary were pretty bad. So anyways, we taught a woman named Lucy, she´s 28, has a kid, and doesn´t really have a family.  So we went in there and tried to teach her, every question we asked about her personal life was “bien”, or we couldn´t understand her at all.  It was difficult, but we managed to get in a 20 min lesson, at the end she had a question about Joseph Smith, so for our second visit we decided to talk about the apostasy, and why we needed Joseph Smith.  The second visit wasn´t much more different, we talked and she said, “bien.”  She asked about the Priesthood, and I was able to explain it without a sheet of paper, while relying on the spirit and the gift of tongues, this was a really cool experience for me.  On the third visit we decided to talk about families, and that she´d be able to live with her child and her parents again. Let it be known we intended to teach by the spirit and through the gift of tongues, instead of relying upon a sheet of paper.  This was the best lesson ever.  She finally opened up to us and we talked and talked about normal life for about 20 mins. Then we asked if she had any problems she had in her life, and we finally got an answer. She´s a lawyer and she doesn´t have much time and she´s afraid about what she´s gonna do.  So my companion and I basically explained through our own experiences that the Lord loves us and to feel his peace all we need do is pray unto Him and read His words. We talked about more things, but it´s hard to relay everything in email. Anyways we ended up teaching her for 50 mins! I wasn´t saying ummm the whole time or looking up words either, I was speaking what felt like fluid spanish!  I´ve never been able to do that before in my life.  Every visit but the first visit we have invited her to be baptized, each time she says she needs more time. We´re teaching again tonight and hopefully we´ll have another great experience, and hopefully she´ll agree to follow the example of Christ and be baptized.

Also, since I´ve been out here I´ve been able to heal someone through the Priesthood.  I didn´t even know the guy was sick!  We were just going over ordinances of the Priesthood and I volunteered to demonstrate the sealing of the oil. He said he had a cold, but I thought it was just an example blessing, so I blessed him. Later on he told me he was feeling well again.  That was a great experience for me.

Anyways my time for email is basically up, love you both. If you have any questions just email them to me, and also sorry, I´m not sure how much sense this email makes, I don´t have time and am not patient enough to reread it.  Anyways these are the highlights of my stay here in the CCM.

Love you all,

Elder Arnold

1st email home :)

Hey! I´m alive! I made it to Mexico ok. The airplane ride was interesting, I sat next to a nonmember old guy and we shared our beliefs. Even though we disagreed on many subjects we still weren´t offended and had a good talk. As for the MTC it´s been a lot of fun and it´s extremely confusing. I even ended up sitting on a suitcase in a car for 40 mins. Not fun by the way. Other than that I´m just getting used to everything that´s going on. Can´t say I miss you yet, it hasn´t quite been long enough, but from what I can see the Spanish MTC is AMAZING! Everyone seems to be having so much fun. I can´t wait to actually start learning and doing stuff. All I´ve done so far is eat, fill out surveys, watch boring long safety videos, and go over medical things. Anyways this email may not make too much sense, we´re only supposed to have 5 mins so I have to go. Love you all, be safe, and enjoy life.


Elder Arnold